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Born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark, I have always loved the magic of photography. My parents took pictures of my brother and I when we were kids, and I still treasure those pictures today. The ability to freeze time with the press of a button has always fascinated me. I got my first camera at the age of 17, and I have not really been able to put it down since then.


In 2002 I completed a degree in Construction Engineering and thereafter worked as a Construction Site Manager for almost 10 years at a large Danish construction company.


In the summer of 2013 I moved to New York with my husband. Here I  started working as a freelance Photographer. After 7 amazing years in New York City, I have now moved back to Copenhagen, Denmark.


When traveling with my camera I am at my happiest. Capturing the world as I experience it is the greatest thing I know; when traveling, my camera is always in my hands, ready to capture the next image.


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